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Win It Before you can Buy It

Bright Feats is bringing back the 2-page Centerfold Ad Option! 

This retail space will be available for future issues for $5500, but the GREAT News is that you have a chance to 

WIN the April 2023 Centerfold!

Fine Print

Current Advertisers in Bright Feats will be given an allotment of entries to the raffle based upon their current ad package (a Directory Listing is one entry, 1/8 page ad is two entries, 1/4 page ad is four entries, 1/2 page ad is eight entries, full page ad is sixteen entries, back cover is twenty entries, and the front cover is twenty entries). Anyone who secures thier ad before 1/15/2023 will be automatically entered. There is no cash value to winning the raffle. Current clients need to confirm intention of renewing to be entered. Anyone who has already made payments or completed a current advertising agreement will be automatically entered. To be considered a current advertiser you must have an ad or directory listing in one of the four April 2023 Publications (Central Florida Traditional / Central Florida Early Childhood / Treasure Coast-Palm Beach or Atlanta). Each book will be running this promotion, whatever book you are advertising in will be the raffle you are eligible to win.   



The Centerfold will need to comply with the format of 1 1/2 page article and 1/2 page ad. Specs:

Half Page 4.75in. x 3.75in.

Articles are approximately 600 words  Please include about two lines at the end for biographical and contact information about the author. We credit the author with first and last name and credentials.

New Clients Please check out the Media Kit and Complete the Advertising Agreement

Special Offer 

expires 1/22/23
Centerfold Winners.jpg
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