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Helping Kids be their Best

At the heart of everything we do, our goal is simple- we want to help parents, pastors and teachers find the resources they need to empower kids with special needs to be their best. 

Abilities Workshop, Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit established in 2019 for the sole purpose of helping the special needs community cultivate a path forward so that families and children could find optimal success on their journeys. Established by a mom with a child on the autism spectrum the team quickly grew to include volunteers, interns, a fundamental team of professionals with passion as well as experts from around the world lending their time.

In August of 2021, Abilities Workshop acquired the legacy publication Bright Feats. Bright Feats was established in 2007 by parents of children that had special needs and grew to include training, hiring, and working with adults with different abilities making it revolutionary for its time. Bright Feats has become a household name in many markets in Florida and is now expanding to areas nationwide.


Abilities Workshop, Inc offers a wide variety of programs and resources including: publications, workshops, worldwide podcast, live events, and parent encouragement services. 

Steadfast in the hope to help, you are encouraged to reach out to the team and learn you are not alone!   

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