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AccessAbility: The Event

April 9, 2024

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Event Information

Our event is happening April 9th & 30th at 6:30PM and we would love to have you in attendance. This is an amazing opportunity to grow your network of professionals and service providers within your community. During this event you can expect topics from ABA Therapy to Trust planning for a loved one on the spectrum.

There will be a LIVE In Person Kickstart Celebration with a Guest Speaker, 26 Expert Presentations​, Accessability Access Code and 4 Workbooks, 5.5 Hours Independent Learning, a 365 Day Journal for continuing to measure progress and a LIVE In Person Wrap Up Celebration with Expert Q&A Panel. This is all included in a bundle for only $59 so we encourage you to sign up for this event today!

Contact Information

Hannah Doerstling



Developmental Center for Infants & Children / Early Steps, West Michigan Street, Orlando, FL, USA

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