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Wahoo Swimming

Wahoo Swimming


8301 Fort Caroline Road, Jacksonville, FL 32277, USA

North Florida’s leading swim team and swim lesson provider.

Wahoos is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Spearheaded by Carlos and Stacy Mejia, we partner with committed families who desire to incorporate the discipline, courage, and heart required to become a Wahoo into their lifestyles.

As coaches, parents, and members of the swim community, we understand that as swimmers surpass their limits, they not only discover the joy and passion of swimming but also cultivate confidence and determination.

Thanks to the Adaptive Swim Whisperers Program, Coach Carlos is now an Adaptive Aquatics Specialist. This will help ALL swimmers be safer in the water.


The Swim Angelfish Methodology encompasses areas of focus and strategies for overcoming roadblocks for swimmers with

◉Autism ◉ Anxiety

◉ Motor issues ◉ Physical

◉ Sensory ◉ Delays

◉ Discomfort ◉ Trauma.

We are trained to identify roadblocks and implement therapy-backed strategies to overcome them.

Armed with our Swim Whisperer® toolbox of strategies, Swim Angelfish Certified instructors assist swimmers of all abilities, including those with special needs, overcome obstacles and learn to swim with less discomfort.

S Safety
W Water Properties
I Interpreting Touch
M Managing Successful Submerging
W Ways of Processing
H Having Body & Breath Control
I Inability To Go On Their Back
S Seeking Sensory Input
P Problems Following a Plan
E Engagement and Interaction Difficulty
R Reactive (Over/Under)
E Excessive Drinking
R Rigidity (Swimmer/Instructor)
S Stroke Performance

A Action
D Discovery
A Adapting
P Physical Limitations
T Transitions
E Equipment
D Decision Making
S Self Awareness
W Well-Being
I Independence
M Modifications

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