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Nathaniel's Hope

Nathaniel's Hope


5210 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL, USA

Nathaniel’s Hope is dedicated to celebrating kids with special needs (our VIPs) as well as educating and equipping communities and churches to provide programs and assistance for VIP families.

Nathaniel’s Hope was founded in 2002 after four-year-old Nathaniel Timothy Kuck relocated to Heaven. Through their personal experience with their son Nathaniel, co-founders Tim and Marie Kuck saw first-hand how demanding it can be to raise a child with special needs. It was through Nathaniel’s life that they were introduced into the world of disability, and once he passed away, they realized it was a world they couldn’t leave — a world God had brought them into. As a result, Nathaniel’s Hope was born. Today, Nathaniel’s Hope is thriving, growing, and dedicated to providing Hope and practical assistance to kids with special needs (VIP Kids) and their families. VIP kids are those with any physical, cognitive, medical or hidden disability, chronic or life-threatening illness, or those who are medically fragile.

Buddy Break
Buddy Break is a FREE Parents’ Day Out/respite program where kids with all types of special needs have fun while their parents get a break. break

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