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Hetherington Therapy

Hetherington Therapy


Palm Bay, FL, USA

Owners Nickolas and Staci believe that children are the most delicate, yet most important component in the cycle of life. Children of all developmental levels need the tools, guidance, care, compassion and social interactions with their peers and their environment to succeed in life. Their goal as therapist’s is to continue to make the next generation better than the previous. They achieve this by treating children as a whole, looking not only at specific limitations but how those limitations could hinder other areas of their global development whether, physically, emotional, behaviorally, or functionally. Then setting forth a plan that includes the child the family and other potential clinicians/teachers assisting with the child’s growth and development. This will result in a successful well prepared and well-rounded child increasing the success of that child excelling in Their Life, to the best of their abilities.

This innovative thinking results in the therapy’s being provided NOT within 4 walls of a clinic but rather, In-Home, In-School, and In-The Community! The largest percentage of a therapy’s success is within the setting that a child is having most difficulty with. Providing the therapy within that direct environment whether in a grocery store addressing money management or at a Zoo addressing Visual-Motor and social anxieties.

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