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First Hope at The First Academy

First Hope at The First Academy


2667 Bruton Blvd, Orlando, FL, USA

The First Hope, a program for special needs children, is a unique approach to teach children with disabilities. Classes are at a 2:1 student:teacher ratio for all our Inclusion and Transitions+ Programs, except Transitions+ Secondary which is 4:1 student:teacher ratio — with an objective to achieve all they were meant to achieve. Our vision is to create an environment of learning and development for special needs children in a Christ-centered program.

These exclusive programs are structured around both Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) goals and educational inclusion opportunities. The objective is to fully integrate each student into regular classes as each child is uniquely able.

Our Inclusion Program offers an opportunity for students to participate and learn with typical peers every Tuesday and Thursday. The goal for our students is independence as well as having our students make measured data driven progress. Program includes Christian teaching/daily devotionals, Fast ForWord/Reading Assistant programs, Classical School events, My Virtual Reaching Coach program, weekly personal information checks, field trips, iReady Reading and Math programs, Applied Behavior Analysis program, full-time and part-time options, OT, Speech, Adaptive PE, Therapeutic Listening, social skills training, Chapel, Terra Nova Standardized Testing and Star Reading Assessments. Program includes the option of a standard or special diploma.

Transitions+ Program gives students an opportunity to learn about and participate in skills such as social skills, job training, self care and general life preparedness skills. Students will also follow a Math and Reading curriculum. This model does not include weekly inclusion and does not offer a standard diploma for grades 6-12. The K-5’s ratio is 1:2, 6-12th is 1:4, therapies included in K-5, 6-12th for an additional fee. Our goal is for each student to be self sufficient, by teaching skills they need to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Early Learning Program 3-4 year olds and Home Program K-12 are also offered.

The Home Program serves families remotely and offers the flexibility of learning from home, along with the added support of a special needs program. The Home Program offers supplemental opportunities for both social and academic tailored to specific needs of each student.

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