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Bright Learning Cyber School

Bright Learning Cyber School


2042 N Forsyth Rd unit c, Orlando, FL, USA

A Private School focused on Inclusion and Opportunity
Bright Learning combines web-based instruction with direct teaching. Assessments are integrated within the curriculum. Curriculum Programs for Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies are based on the Florida Standards K-12.


One-one-one education for all students. We help all students who are struggling in the Public Schools. We accept McKay, Gardner and Step-up Scholarships to attend our school. We also accept the Hope Scholarship for students who have experienced bullying.

Bright Learning can coordinate On-the-Job Training in special cases
Bright Learning works with different businesses to allow students the opportunity to work while remaining in school. Here at Bright Learning we offer a variety of elective courses, such as computer hardware classes, computer software classes, and art classes.We require all students to participate in the four main courses, Math, Science, Reading, and History.At Bright Learning we want your child to succeed in the real world. This is why we offer a job program to 11th & 12th grade students. This allows the student to practice and learn the skills they will need in the work environment.

Tutoring Via Telecommunications (video)
Tutoring can be provided to the students at home via telecommunications (video) on subjects the students are struggling with. Bright Learning also provides SAT and ACT prep classes upon request. The SAT and ACT classes may charge a fee to pay the teachers after hours. We utilize both SLACK and ZOOM to tutor and communicate while keeping social distancing. The software is Open Source which translate to free to use. To learn more click the links in this box go to the site, download and install.

On Line Learning Curriculum
At Bright Learning we provide both web-based instruction and under normal conditions classroom teaching. Our web-based programs include; Time for Learning and Khan Academy. Students can work at their own pace and feedback will be provided by the certified teacher at the school. Teachers also select websites that are personalized for the subject the student is enrolled in Elective Courses. We also provide a beginners course in computer technology where students will learn the basics of computers and how to fix them

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