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Beckman & Associates

Beckman & Associates


620 North Wymore Road suite 230, Maitland, FL 32751, USA

The Beckman and Associates dynamic team offers competent and caring speech and occupational therapy services. Our therapists have internationally recognized expertise.

•Oral Motor •Speech/Language Impairments •Feeding Disorders •Poor Suck •Prematurity •Apraxia •Autism Spectrum •Neurodevelopment Delay •Genetic/Metabolic Disorders •Cerebral Palsy •Sensory Modulation and Integration Disorders •Dysarthria •Down’s Syndrome •Medically Complex

Offering Services in:
Baby Clinics/Newborn Feeding • Oral Motor • Delayed Speech • Apraxia
Swallowing dysfunction •Articulation • Pronunciation
Eating and Feeding • Executive Functioning • Handwriting
Self Help Skills • Reflex Integration• Dysarthria and more!

Always One-on-One!!!

No Group Therapies • Parents Welcome in All Sessions

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide treatment that meets high professional standards in an environment that

is designed to enhance each child's functional abilities. Each therapist designs a therapy

program unique to each child's individual needs.

You and your child will feel welcome when you enter our unique and inviting clinic. From the

jungle-themed reception area to the brightly colored therapy rooms, an atmosphere is created

to welcome children and allow for successful treatments. We welcome and encourage the

child’s family to join in our sessions.

Speech and Language Services

It is very important for children to be able to make friends, communicate with friends and

family, express their wants and desires, eat with family and peers and generally participate in

family and community life. Beckman & Associates Inc. in Maitland, Florida provides treatment

for infants to teens as well as some adults. Our therapists specialize in children with difficulties

in: Reading, Auditory Comprehension, Bruxism (Grinding Teeth), Oral Sensitivity, Picky Eaters,

Delayed Talking, Poor Vocabulary Development, Apraxia, Early Fluency, Communication,

Articulation, Oral Motor, Poor Suck, Drooling, Feeding Difficulties, Medical Complexity and

much more.

Oral Motor Intervention

Our staff possesses a multitude of specialty certifications in state-of-the-art applications. All our

speech therapists are trained in Beckman Oral Motor Intervention techniques. These are special

techniques that Debra Beckman has, since 1975, worked to develop. These are specific

interventions that provide assisted movement to activate muscle contraction and to provide

movement against resistance to build strength. The focus of these interventions is to increase

functional response to pressure and movement, range, strength, variety, and control of

movement for the lips, cheeks, jaw and tongue.

Occupational Services

Our occupational services focus on improvement in:

Fine Motor Skills pertaining to bilateral coordination skills (the ability to use two hands

together), grasping skills, pre- writing and handwriting skills.

Visual Receptions Skills pertain to the ability to visually discriminate between colors, shapes,

objects, pictures, and designs.

Self-Care Skills pertain to gaining independence in dressing, self-feeding, grooming and other

daily tasks.

Postural Stability means having strength and stability in the proximal muscles and joints in the

body such as the shoulder girdles, trunk, and pelvis.

Sensory Integration means the ability to process information efficiently from the environment

in order to respond appropriately.

Executive Functioning refers to skills that help us focus, plan, prioritize, work toward goals, self-

regulate behaviors and emotions, adapt to new and unexpected situations, and ultimately

engage in abstract thinking and planning. Sometimes these issues present as trouble with

impulse control, tantrums, and difficulty in self-regulating emotions. For others, challenges with

school organization, time management, and remembering instructions are more visible.

Adolescents who struggle with executive function often have a very difficult time reaching

independence and making plans for the future.

Baby Clinic

The Baby Clinic is the outcome of a study done by a study done by Debra Beckman and

lactation consultants regarding babies with poor suck. The results of the study show that if

babies are experiencing difficulties with nursing the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol can identify

those. So that the families will know what specific interventions to provide, because the babies

can improve often after one visit. We have provided special pricing for these babies. This

service is for healthy babies of normal gestational development (38 weeks or better), who have

been seen by the pediatrician and by the lactation consultant.

If your baby shows any of the following symptoms, an evaluation might be helpful; Poor Weight

Gain, Lengthy Feeding Time, Noisy Suck, Falling Asleep during Feeding, Poor Latch, Bites or

Clamps on Nipple, Mother has Cracked, bleeding or Blistered Nipples. The visit includes a

Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and training for the parents regarding any areas shown to

need treatment. The parents practice the techniques before leaving the clinic. If your baby

doesn’t meet the health parameters for the baby clinic, we can still see your child at our clinic.

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