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Autism Improvised, Inc.

Autism Improvised, Inc.

770 573-0320

Marietta, GA, USA

Weekly therapeutic improv classes for neurodivergent teens and adults needing minimal support. Our programs facilitate growing social understanding and gaining self-confidence through the fun of improv. We meet in host locations in many neighborhoods throughout the greater metro Atlanta area and online. Our participants practice relating to others, thinking on their feet, adapting to change, listening to and supporting their fellow improv players, and being present in the moment. Studies show that improv promotes creativity, reduces social anxiety, improves tolerance to change and unpredictability, and reduces stress. In addition to our Shenanigans Improv program, we offer two real-life-based programs for young adults in transition from K12 to adulthood that use improvised role play and discussion to flourish on the job and throughout life.

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