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Angels Bridging Gaps

Angels Bridging Gaps


1665 Malabar Rd, Palm Bay, FL, USA

Parent support organization dedicated to helping families and individuals affected by varying levels of ASD ranging from Autism to Asperger’s by providing emotional support, education, socialization, and to serve as a resource to inform parents of community services, activities, programs, and available treatment options – both local and national.

“As a parent of a child with Autism I understand the struggles and unique challenges that become a part of everyday life. And it is only through a strong support system based on Love, Faith, Hope and Joy that my family has been able to weather the storms.”

– Support Group Meetings & Workshops
– Family Saturday (2nd Saturday of Every Month – Free horseback riding 9-11 am & Bowling 3-5 pm at Shore Lanes for $6 per person)


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