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Collaborative Solutions ABA Summer Camp

June 1-Aug 4
9-1 or 9-3

Collaborative Solutions Summer Camp isn’t just a summer camp, each day is designed to let our campers try new things, develop their strengths, and build new skills. On any given day, campers could be defending their castle under siege, designing their own clothing line, or developing their own board game to share with their peers – all under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Therapists. Weekly field trips provide an opportunity for campers to put these skills to use…with fun, engaging, natural environment experiences.

Our daily schedule is uniquely designed by our Curriculum Director who is a certified teacher, with experience running an ESE Classroom. A variety of activities such as: games, arts and crafts, dance, cooking, water play, outdoor exploration, and more, allow us to concentrate on skills building in an exciting summer camp environment. Daily group activities focus on developing, increasing, and maintaining appropriate social skills with peers and adults.

Our Summer Camp offers an assortment of registration options to allow us to provide an opportunity for every child to attend an enriching summer experience. Our daily ABA Summer Camp program is designed for children ages 4-12. However, we also offer individual therapy, social groups, community outings, and more for children over 12. Contact us for more information on our other programs and services.


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