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Atlanta Dance Central Physio Jazz (Ongoing)



Established in 2009, the ADC Physio Jazz program focuses on facilitating lasting improvements in the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Our curriculum fuses dance techniques with functional movements in order to improve balance and coordination. As they get to know each student, our faculty set individualized goals for increasing flexibility, strength, and mobility. We celebrate milestones and progress together. Like all of our dancers at ADC, Physio Jazz students grow their resilience and independence while forming life-long friendships and support systems.

Need more days of dance a week? We encourage our Physio Jazz students to sign up for our Core and Introductory programs or consider auditioning for Foster-Schmidt Dance Company. FSDC has no age limit, but dancers undergo an annual audition process, get unique educational experiences, and partner with SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company for several performances a year. Past seasons have seen our dancers travel to perform at Walt Disney World and New York City!


For those who register before September, we split our all-inclusive tuition into 9 monthly installments. The first installment is due at registration and covers tuition for the month of September. We autocharge tuition during the first week of the following months (October through May). For students who register in October, we split our tuition into 8 installments, and so on. The tuition charge increases slightly for later registration to account for all the inclusions. In addition to weekly classes, tuition covers performance costumes, an outfit for dance class, and a recital performance kit (t-shirt, tickets, video links, photos). The only other mandatory expense for our Physio students are dance shoes.




920 Woodstock Rd suite 200, Roswell, GA 30075, USA

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