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Dream Oaks Camp (Ongoing until April 2023)


Our unique programs focus on each child’s abilities and are specifically designed to strengthen their social skills, behavioral skills, and comprehensive profound skillset in a safe, barrier-free environment. Our staff are dedicated to planning and modifying strategies for each session.

As a child attends our program, parents collaborate with staff to identify two targeted goals for the child to progress towards while at camp. By focusing on each child’s strengths and abilities, staff members help facilitate a child’s development by integrating their individualized goals into our daily schedule of unique camp activities. Because of our high caliber staff training and low camper to staff ratios of 3:1 or better, each child is able to receive a high level of individualized care and support, so that they are able to engage in adaptive camp activities, learn new skills and develop productive behaviors while having a blast.

Our program was developed for children with special needs including; but not limited to:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome)

• Sensory Processing Disorders

• Down syndrome

• Developmental Delays

• Cerebral Palsy


• Mild to profound intellectual disabilities

• Learning Disabilities

• Tourette’s syndrome




16110 Dream Oaks Place, Bradenton, FL 34212, USA

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