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Our Exceptional Tribe

Our Exceptional Tribe


Orlando, FL, USA

Welcome to Our Exceptional Tribe!
Our Exceptional Tribe is a dedicated community of support for mothers of children with special needs. We are devoted to helping mothers of children with special needs learn how to thrive instead of merely survive.

Join us for support groups and resources to find more personal time, connect with your tribe for encouragement and accountability, and have the fulfilling life that is possible on this exceptional journey.

Central Florida Support Group
Central Florida support group meetings for moms of children with special needs are on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm EST. For more information, visit

Our Exceptional Activities

One way we help moms save time is by providing educational activities and lesson plans for exceptional children. Our Exceptional Activities is the solution for the foundation of a homeschool curriculum or enrichment ideas for caregivers. We offer play-based, themed activities that meet the varied needs of children with special needs ages 2-10.

The weekly activity sets include lessons in:

Interested in trying it out? Sign up for a free sample week!

We also provide free virtual field trips each month. Sign up to receive field trip announcements and login information here.

If you want to see Our Exceptional Activities in action, check out our blog for inspiration, follow us on Instagram, and join our Facebook group!

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