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OCA - A Special Place for Special Needs

OCA - A Special Place for Special Needs


5165 Adanson Street, Orlando, FL, USA

OCA brings the world of extracurricular activities to a safe and supportive environment. After-school care is offered at our main campus, allowing children the opportunity to rotate between indoor and outdoor activities with their peers.

During school breaks and summer time, OCA camp provides an unparalleled, interactive leisure program with games, music, dance, art, community partner events, theater production, and field trips.

OCA provides these opportunities with the support of our Counselor’s In Training (CIT’s) that offer natural learning opportunities for our participants with their typical peers. School aged children are offered an opportunity to keep their mind and body active, while building language, social skills, athletic ability, tolerance for diversity, and experiencing an ongoing opportunity for personal gains.

OCA serves Central Florida’s children & adults with autism and other special needs!

Recreation Programs
Behavior Therapy
Adult Vocational Training
Special Olympics Training
Early Interventions
Day Camps
Theater & Art Programs

We live this mission everyday through our core values:

We will support, inspire and nurture the diversity of our families, colleagues and community to provide quality Participant care.

We provide services and interactions with respect and dignity, while focusing on the individual’s ability, not their disability.

We will utilize a multi-disciplinary approach and emerging technology to individualize programming and to maximize ability.

We will do all that we do with passion. Everything from the way we train our staff, to the programs we run, to the facilities we use – our passion is to portray excellence.

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