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myHana - Autism Resources and Support

myHana - Autism Resources and Support


Florida, USA

myHana is a platform designed to engage, educate and empower parents and caregivers; helping them create the secure and independent future they want for their child. Through the use of better tools and resources, we are creating brighter futures for those families and individuals who have been touched by autism.

The myHana team consists of employees, consultants, partners and engaged parents who have over 150 combined years of professional and autism-related experience in areas such as parenting, nutrition, behavioral supports, case management, speech and occupational therapy:
Access via workshops and webinars to nationally known ABA, BCBA, Speech, Occupational and other specialists
Consistent collaboration amongst all stakeholders with our care management tool, myNavigator.
Hyper focused content and courses that deliver parent focused support and education
A supportive community of like-minded individuals” vs. private community support group and events
Ability to collect clinical and behavioral data critical to improve collaboration with doctors, therapists and others
Document collection and storage for quick and easy sharing with all care team members.

The knowledge and tools any family needs – from early diagnosis through adulthood. Become a part of our supportive community today!

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