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Mindful Music Center

Mindful Music Center


404 W 25th St, Sanford, FL 32771, USA

We offer a variety of programs so that you can find the class that best fits your needs! Students can start at MMC when they are infants, and work their way up through our classes through adulthood! We offer a revolutionary group piano program, called The Piano Express for beginner pianists ages 6-18. We also offer group piano classes for ages 4-6, along with our Preschool Percussionists class for ages 3-5, and our Mini-Musicians class for ages 6mo-4 years. We offer group guitar classes for ages 6-12 beginner-intermediate guitarists. We also offer individual lessons for
violin, voice, guitar, ukulele, bass, and intermediate-advanced piano. If you want to learn more than one instrument, check out our Hybrid lessons! Whether you are looking to get your child into music lessons, or are looking to start lessons as an adult, we’ve got you covered! Find the class that best fits your need by visiting our Lessons by Age page, or Choose Your Instrument page.
Mindful Music Center reaches students of all ages and
abilities, and we specialize in teaching neurodivergent students, through a variety
of programs. All music lessons focus on each student’s passions, interests, needs,
goals, and desired areas for growth and development. Above all, we believe that
every student can be successful, and music is an extraordinary avenue through
which to achieve goals, enhance social and academic skills, and feel a sense of
At Mindful Music Center, students of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to
develop their skills and achieve their goals through individual and/or group music
lessons, that are both fun and challenging. Furthermore, Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Voice Lessons, Violin Lessons, and Baby Music Classes can also be catered to students with Autism, Down Syndrome, and various learning disabilities.
We are direct-pay providers with the Family Empowerment Scholarship

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