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Mandarin Reading Clinic

Mandarin Reading Clinic


11705 San Jose Blvd suite 212, Jacksonville, FL 32223, USA
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If so, we can help. Mandarin Reading Clinic offers one-on-one instruction by Master Level Speech-Language Pathologists. We use nationally recognized reading programs and customize lesson plans to effectively target each student’s needs.

About Us
Sarah French, M.S., CCC-SLP
Sarah received her Master's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Florida State University in 2006. Her work experience includes providing speech language services to Pre-K and elementary school students and adults in a variety of settings. Sarah is an avid reader and is passionate about helping to cultivate a love for reading in her clients. She loves working with the pediatric population and their families, helping them to overcome challenges with reading and comprehension. In her spare time Sarah loves being with her husband and two daughters. She stays busy with reading, family and friends.

Lynda Gridley, M.S., CCC-SLP
Lynda earned her Master's degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences from the University of Oregon in 1996. Her work experience includes serving Pre-K through middle school children in the public and private school and clinic settings, in addition to providing speech language pathology services to adults. She is passionate about reading and empowering children and their parents on the road to authentic literacy. As a mother of children with dyslexia, she understands and relates to the desire parents have in wanting to help their child succeed. Lynda is the mother of three children and is constantly on the go. Lynda enjoys traveling with her husband and children, studying languages (she is fluent in French, and has also studied Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese and German), discovering new parks and hiking trails in NE Florida, and of course, reading!

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