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Fountainhead Funeral Home & Fountainhead Memorial Park

Fountainhead Funeral Home & Fountainhead Memorial Park


7359 Babcock St SE, Palm Bay, FL, USA


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Our experienced and committed team believes in celebrating each life as uniquely as it was lived. We offer personalized funeral services that capture the essence of your loved one’s life. We’ll guide you through the planning process and help you create a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

Not everyone knows that there are many cremation options. If you are interested in cremation, the funeral home team can explain the process and different options. From a direct cremation without a memorial service or a witness cremation to a full funeral service before or after the cremation and more, we help you understand this increasingly common choice—and handle all of the cremation arrangements.

At Fountainhead Funeral Home, we understand the struggles that come with losing a loved one. To ease the burden, we offer you the ability to plan ahead funeral services and speak with family service counselors who are ready to answer any questions you have. By preparing in advance, you provide a sense of relief, peace of mind and comfort for your loved ones while ensuring your wishes are met and your budget is kept. We are here to discuss these options should you wish to do so.

We welcome families in Palm Bay, Melbourne and Malabar to learn more about funeral and cremation services. Please contact us if you need immediate assistance.

Fountainhead Memorial Park occupies more than100 acres of professionally landscaped space that features tropical foliage. Our fountain provides a scenic refuge for Palm Bay, Melbourne and Malabar-area endangered bird species, including parrots, peacocks and blue geese.

Your family will also find in-ground monuments, benches and memorials, which add to the tranquility of our cemetery. With our wide variety of cemetery, cremation and burial options, we are certain that your family will find an arrangement that suits your needs and wishes.


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