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Forbes Behavioral Services

Forbes Behavioral Services


121 N Highland St, Mt Dora, FL, USA
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Our agency is committed to working within a coordinated care model to facilitate timely and cohesive services. We believe that children and their families deserve access to high quality services within a reasonable time frame and we remain diligent in our efforts to ensure services are initiated as soon as feasible, following an initial referral.

We seek to include all family members and caregivers in the therapy process. We know, through experience, that it is essential for everyone in your child’s life to participate in sessions. Our agency is here to teach your child, you, and any members of your family who are important to your child. We are committed to the inclusion of parents, grandparents, caregivers, and siblings, as well as creating a working relationship with other service providers.

We provide in-depth initial and ongoing training for our staff and are committed to hiring individuals who are passionate about providing high quality services. We seek to encourage our staff to further their knowledge in the field through continued training, conference participation, and educational achievements.

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