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Dogwood Disability Consulting

Dogwood Disability Consulting


Jacksonville, FL, USA

Empowering Futures - Changing How the World Sees Disability!
Dogwood Disability Consulting is empowering futures and changing the way people think about disability. Given the right training, opportunities, and accommodations, people with disabilities can do almost any job our hearts desire. You do not have to settle for the same old, tired, stereotypical or traditional jobs for people with disabilities. Dogwood Disability would like to help you find a job/career that fits your interests, abilities, desires, and needs. An evaluation with Dogwood is individual and thorough, providing not only recommendations for appropriate careers, but also work environments, identifying, improving or eliminating barriers, needed accommodations and support.
In-person and remote services are available.
Dogwood Disability Consulting is a registered vendor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Division of Blind Services. Private pay is accepted.
Come let us find your career future together!

Wendy Vance bio:  

 I have 17 years' experience working in the field of disability and a lifetime of experience as people with disabilities. 

I have worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for 8 years with 3 of those being a counselor supervisor.  I have worked 6 years in disability advocacy with 3 of those years as an education advocate.  I have also worked in assistive technology sales and training.   

While working in these roles I have helped hundreds of individuals to obtain quality employment of their choice, to access quality education and to connect to community resources and supports. I have also provided numerous training sessions at statewide conferences such as Family Cafe, Visions, and FL Self - Advocates Network (Sand). I have presented at national conferences such as the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems and Association of Vision Rehabilitation Therapists. In addition to presenting at conferences, I have presented through the Florida Center for Inclusive communities as a part of their monthly employment webinars.  Topics have included school to work transition, employment for people with disabilities, reasonable accommodations, self-advocacy and relationship violence toward people with disabilities. 

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