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Amego, Inc.

Amego, Inc.


65 East Nasa Boulevard ste 101, Melbourne, FL, USA

Amego Inc. supports individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities throughout their lives.

Amego has paved the way for the development of services for all individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our work began before Massachusetts landmark Chapter 766 special education legislation. Amego’s story begins with one adolescent diagnosed with autism whose parents refused to accept an institutional placement. In 1971, the Sangree Stokes family founded Amego.

Amego’s work continues by:

Serving those with the most difficult challenges;
Providing educational opportunities with the premise that all can learn;

Focusing on the strengths of relationships, families and community.
Amego continues to serve our very first student and the first adult diagnosed with autism to receive state funding in Massachusetts.

Our philosophy is anchored by these core values:

The individual and their natural support network is recognized and valued above all else.

Services are based on individual goals and aspirations.

The most important, influential person within a team is the person receiving our services – we exist to support and enhance their lives.

By focusing on individual attributes, rather than deficits, we bring out the best in everyone. Positive behavior is the result of this focus; a full and meaningful life is the goal.

We embrace multiple — even divergent perspectives in creating a customized, open, inclusive treatment program. This philosophy means that those who may have floundered in the past, often thrive at Amego.

Our staff understands the unique needs of serving those with significant challenges. We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis because they create a stable and measurable foundation for growth and progress.

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