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All Therapies Support, Inc.

All Therapies Support, Inc.


7 Florida Park Dr N unit f, Palm Coast, FL 32137, USA

Our agency is dedicated to providing high-quality care and personalized support to individuals and families in need.

Services Offered:

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):

Description: Our ABA services are designed to support individuals with developmental disabilities or behavioral challenges. Our team of experienced behavior analysts utilizes evidence-based interventions to promote positive behavior changes and skill development.

Key Features:
Individualized Behavior Assessment
Behavior Intervention Planning
Skill Acquisition Training
Behavior Management Strategies
Data Collection and Analysis

Target Population: Children and young adults (2-22 years old) with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities.

Mental Health Services:

Description: Our mental health services encompass a range of therapeutic interventions aimed at addressing mental health concerns and promoting overall well-being. Our licensed therapists and counselors provide compassionate care and support tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Key Features:
Individual Counseling
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Crisis Intervention
Psychoeducation and Skill Building

Target Population: Individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, psychosis, and other mental health conditions.

Targeted Case Management (TCM):

Description: Our TCM services focus on coordinating and advocating for comprehensive care and community resources to meet the diverse needs of individuals with complex health and social challenges. Our dedicated case managers work collaboratively with clients to develop personalized care plans and connect them with necessary supports.

Key Features:
Assessment of Needs and Resources
Care Coordination and Referral Management
Advocacy and Support Services
Linkage to Medical, Behavioral Health, and Social Services
Transitional Planning and Goal Setting

Target Population: Individuals with a mental health or substance use disorder(s), who requires services to coordinate consistent healthcare access and improve his or her health care outcomes.

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