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Agency for Life Transformations

Agency for Life Transformations


3525 Sable Palm Lane unit g, Titusville, FL, USA

Teresa and Diane met in 2011 when they worked together as trainers/job coaches with Brevard Public Schools’ LEAP program. Their dedication to their work led them to investigate success stories in employment. When they took training in customized employment, they knew they wanted to help people become self employed and create employment that matched each individual. Since becoming Certified Business and Technical Assistance Consultants through Vocational Rehabilitation in 2016, they have been committed to doing just that. “We’ve always believed that there’s genius in everyone. We look for success stories and we see what’s possible for people. Our programs are based on empowerment of the individual, mutual respect, full family and community involvement. We would love to learn more about you and assist you in creating your ideal life!”

Our clients are often registered with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and are referred to us for pre-employment services and/or self employment exploration and services. In this case, VR pays for our services. We also accept clients who prefer to self pay and we work with each situation to make it feasible. We offer group programs in different areas which people usually pay out of pocket for. Agency for Life Transformations is a direct pay provider for the Gardiner scholarship as well.

We are interested in building long term relationships with clients, their families and the community. Whether through VR, Gardiner or some other way, feel free to reach out to us and consider us an available resource!


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