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AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab-Pediatrics

AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab-Pediatrics


Orlando, FL, USA


Created for children with learning or physical disabilities resulting from injury, illness or congenital causes, the pediatric rehabilitation program at AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab serves children from birth to 17 years of age. This family centered program focuses on the unique needs of each child, empowering parents with skills and strategies necessary to ensure success. Pediatric rehab sessions are designed to be fun and functional, promoting carryover into home, school and community, and include:

Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Infants who are diagnosed with swallowing and feeding difficulties can receive treatment at our Celebration, East Orlando and Winter Park locations. Symptomatic behavior of swallowing and feeding disorders include:

Eating only small amounts at a time
Food or liquid falling out of the mouth
Frequent coughing, choking, gagging and/or spitting up

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