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Academy of Ability

Academy of Ability


1600 S Orlando Ave ste 100, Winter Park, FL, USA

About Us
Founded in 2009, the Academy of Ability is a private, not-for-profit school for children with physical and learning disabilities. Our vision is to create specialized curriculum developed to support the educational needs of the students we serve and to foster the development of life skills essential for a more involved and independent life.

We strive to develop an individualized program of instruction to meet each child’s needs and challenge each student to advance to meet his or her potential. Our slogan is living and learning because learning to live is equally important as making the grade, which is why we focus on academics and life skills.
Academics are essential for developing physical, cognitive, and emotional skills for living. It is equally important to provide opportunities to participate in every area of life, including community integration, independent living, performing arts, and sports and recreation. We host a variety of events that allow our students take center stage in life. These include stage productions of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” talent shows, prom and so much more. These opportunities build confidence for future success.

We have a maximum enrollment of 30 students as a larger organization becomes increasingly difficult to maintain quality intervention and services that your children deserve. We strive to be caring, not corporate as to help our kids feel comfortable and “at home” while at the Academy of Ability. We are an equal opportunity school and offer entrance to students independent of their ethnic, race or religious preferences.
By working hand-in-hand with parents and members of the community, our students have done amazing things. We only expect more as we continue to develop this unique program.

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