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3 C's Therapy Center

3 C's Therapy Center


260 Lookout Place suite 209, Maitland, FL, USA

3 C’s Therapy Center is dedicated to helping a client’s Cognition grow, Communication improve, and Connection with the world around them expand.

We provide Social Success Groups to assist clients in all 3 of these areas.

Our Social Cognition Groups work on increasing a client’s self-awareness of the social challenges they may have and what they may be doing or saying that is giving others uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. This insight leads to their ability to self-regulate which is where positive results really start to happen.

Our Social Communication Groups then expand a client’s social awareness, improving their interactions with others with a rise in their ability to perspective take and problem solve in social situations.

Finally, our Social Connection Groups, are where we transition our clients into using their social executive functioning skills to address real life skills that were once difficult, but can now begin to be practiced and put to the test. These students are working towards responsible decision making and independence.

The 3 C’s Therapy Approach boosts a client’s COGNITION, which increases their COMMUNICATION and enhances their ability to make CONNECTIONS with the world around them. We are passionate about providing superior services while bringing HOPE to our clients and their families!

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