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The Spectrum : Charity 5K Walk & Run

July 22, 2023

7am - 12pm


Charity Walk / Run | Wade Walker Park | July 22, 2023
Take a break from your daily routine and come experience something totally different. When you register for our 5K Run, you’re signing up for much more than just a spirited event. Our creative organizers bring their passion and knowledge into the event, with the intention of making it unique and unforgettable.
Goal: The goal of this event is to not only have fun at an active event, but to shed spotlight on EIGHT IMPORTANT causes that are happening in our neighborhoods everyday. We what share more awareness about the cause and show support behind them.
Eight Causes: Youth Development (Black) Gun Violence (Gray) Lack Of Teacher Funding (Yellow)
Mental Health (Green) Alzheimer (White) Autism (Blue) Domestic VIolence (Purple) Lupus (Orange)
In Support Of Each Cause, We WIll Wear The Shirt Color That Aligns With The Cause We Are Supporting!
To Become A Vendor, Sponsor, Supporting Organization or Volunteer, email,


BnDorsed Sports


Wade Walker Park, 5585 Rockbridge Road Southwest, Stone Mountain, GA 30088, USA

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