by Linda Brown OTR, MBA

“How am I ever going to manage this?” That is the question most parents have on their mind when I meet them for the first time. We may meet in the NICU before their baby has been home, on the pediatric floor of one of the local hospitals (which has become their second home) or in the waiting room of one of my centers. Wherever we are, I sense the conflict between the need to ensure the well-child, and the need to provide for their family. This is where the fun begins, because I get to be the lucky person to offer them solutions. I get to see the relief in their faces when they realize this might actually work: and I know that when they meet our staff and see our center, they’ll know that this center is exactly what they need.

The program I’m referring to is BrightStart. BrightStart is a PPEC Center (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care). It’s a fun and friendly center where infants and children in need of medical care can spend the day while they receive their nursing interventions, Physical/Occupational/Speech therapies and developmental stimulation. Each child must qualify for the center based on criteria set by their insurance.

BrightStart has a unique layout- rooms are specialized to meet the developmental needs of each group, from “tummy time” in the infant room to a certified teacher in the preschool room (and everything in between).

When a little one enters our door, they receive a complete assessment by the regular nurse in their room. I the center, the children learn from each other and we certainly learn from them! At the end of the day, they are returned to the loving arms of their parents with a communication sheet that outlines the important activities of the day. Transportation to and from the center may also be available if needed.

BrightStart is dedicated to giving our children the brightest possible future. If you’d like to know more about our program, please call us or visit online!

An infant w\or child with some form of nursing intervention is a candidate for the BrightStart PPEC program.

Any one of the following needs would typically qualify a child with Florida Medicaid:

Continuous apnea monitoring
  • Oxygen administration
Frequent medication administration
  • Any type of tube feeding
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Central Line management
  • Wound Care
  • Ventilator management

For more information, please call or visit us online:
North Center 407-321-9570
South Center 407-857-1212