By Megan Lewellen, SLP

“Is my child developing normally?” Parents often have concerns about their children’s development, especially when they see other children of the same age who have already reached a milestone that their child still hasn’t met. This causes them to think that their child is ‘slow’ or ‘seems behind.’ It is important to keep in mind that each child develops at their own pace. For each milestone, there is a range of ages in which a child will normally meet it. A developmental delay occurs when your child has the delayed achievement of one or more of their milestones. This may affect your child’s speech and language, their fine and gross motor skills, and/or their personal and social skills.

Some signs that your child may not be meeting their motor milestones include:

Not being able to roll over at the age of 6 months
  • Not walking at 15 months
  • Climb off and on furniture unassisted at 2 years of age

Gross motor milestones are listed on PAGE 1 of the milestone chart.

Fine motor delays may be evident in the child not being able to hold a spoon or fork, get dressed unassisted, color within the lines, or hold a pencil or crayon.

Fine motor milestones are listed on PAGE 2 of the milestone chart

Speech and language milestones are listed on PAGES 3 and 4 of the milestone chart.

Parents are usually the first ones to recognize problems with their child’s motor, social, and/or speech and language development. This parental concern should be enough to initiate further evaluation. Your pediatrician should be screening for developmental milestones at your child’s wellness visits.

For more than five years, 

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