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We are Committed to Reaching Families with Special Needs

We put this publication into the hands of families with special needs children through public and private schools, diagnostic and referral centers, specialized physicians, therapy clinics, hospitals and local support groups. Both public schools and professionals give Bright Feats to their families who need additional support. They are able to refer parents to multiple providers using a single resource.

In Print: We print up to 200,000 publications each year! Our full-color, bright, and cheerful magazines come in a convenient size. The eight and a half by five inch format fits perfectly in a mom’s purse and can be available for easy reference while on the go.

Website: The Bright Feats website is mobile ready first and easily accessible on a computer, iPad, and smartphone alike. Parents can browse through hundreds of website directory listings to access the resources they need. Many professionals utilize our website to connect with other providers and to receive employment.

Social Media Sites: Bright Feats also connects with families on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more! Bright Feats is trusted and respected, we reach many families exclusively through our social media accounts. Let us help expand your reach on social media sites to include our vast network of professionals and target the specific families needing your services.

Delivered with Passion!

As parents of children with special needs, we know first-hand the difficult process of obtaining specialized services in the community. As professionals and creators of Bright Feats we empower parents and families with the knowledge of services that your business offers to benefit their children. We are passionate and it shows – because we love what we do!

We are a Highly Specialized Publication

We specifically target families with special needs. Bright Feats maintains a relationship with specialized groups and foundations that serve as a vehicle to reach families that would otherwise require numerous contacts through a variety of agencies. We are your marketing team and sales force for the highly specialized market of families with children with special needs.

We Have a One-to-One Relationship with Providers

We personally connect with providers and businesses to determine their unique abilities in meeting special needs and communicate those services to families through our publications, website and more. Our Business Partners are very important to us!

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